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Can’t Sleep? Get Your Best Night's Sleep-Ever And Regain Your Energy!

What if I say you can get your best night’s sleep ever AND improve your health, regain your energy, and boost your immune system? And, what if I say that you can get real results...

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Amethyst Biomat Restores Your Health While You Sleep

Deep, restorative sleep is fundamental to sound health. While we rest at night, our bodies detoxify and heal. You can significantly increase the quality of your sleep and...

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Discover this amazing healing tool and add more value to your sessions!

The Amethyst Professional BioMat is the only mat of its kind to combine Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst for a true mind, body and spirit healing experience...

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Does Biomat really work ?

As far back as 1989, scientific research has shown patients with insomnia were able to sleep better when far infrared was applied to local areas or the entire body...

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How Biomat works ?

The BioMat deals with primary body function. It provides high caliber life force energy that immediately enables the body's waste removal systems, as well enables our...

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Who Should Not Use A Biomat?

Almost everyone can use the BioMat safely. It has been tested many times over the years in countries all over the world, with American, Korean and Japanese FDA approvals...