Who Should Not Use A BioMat?

Almost everyone can use the BioMat safely. It has been tested many times over the years in countries all over the world, with American, Korean and Japanese FDA approvals, and numerous ISO, KETI, and CE safety certifications. The manufacturer, Richway, has gone the extra mile to make this a safe product!

The BioMat is safe to lie on for any period of time, however people with internal pacemakers, spinal column implants, the elderly, pregnant women or young children who use the BioMat for extended periods of time (longer than one hour continuous) should keep it at a low level (the Green or first Gold settings). This will prevent increased circulation which is too fast for the internal pacemaker, prevent harm to the sensitive spine for those with spinal column implants, or release toxins too quickly for the elderly, pregnant women or young children. If you have an external pacemaker, use of the BioMat is not recommended.

Patients with renal or kidney failure should use the BioMat for the negative ion benefit only and not with heat. Far infrared energy increases oxygenation and blood flow, which pushes blood more quickly through the kidneys. This may tax kidneys which are already in failure.

People with heat-sensitive multiple sclerosis (MS) can use the BioMat with just the negative ions or possibly at low settings (up to the Green settings). This low level far infrared heat would be very beneficial for nerves and cellular activity. Other MS patients can enjoy the full benefits of the BioMat.

People who have had organ transplants should not to use a BioMat for the first two years after transplant as it may cause the body to reject the transplanted organ.

Babies should be at least six months old before using a BioMat, as newborns cannot regulate their thermostats. Use the two lowest settings or the negative ions only.

People who have had toxins accumulate in their bodies for numerous years may feel worse for a few days after using the BioMat. As the body eliminates waste material from each cell there will be positive improvement.

Should you have any questions about your health, please consult your health care professional.

Additional Issues:

Metal parts anywhere in the body: There should be no problem using a BioMat, including people with hip replacements, knee, spine, etc.

Breast implants: Use low heat, up to the Green settings.

Body patches: Any kind of external patch on the body should be removed while on the BioMat. The heat will increase the uptake of the patch, including pain and nicotine patches.

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